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2014 annual Manitoba Drive Inc Xmas Comes Early Legends game

gloverOn Saturday, December 13th, 2014 at MBCI Blue gym located at 180 Riverton, the Glover “Action” Jackson Basketball Skills Competition will kick off the 2014 annual Manitoba Drive Inc Xmas Comes Early Legends game. Time of the skills competition will be 330pm to 430pm.  The challenge is an opportunity for boys and girls age 16U to showcase their dribbling, passing and shooting skills in a time-based, half-court obstacle course. Proceeds raised will be going towards Cancer Care Manitoba.

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It is $1.00 to enter the gauntlet. A participant may enter as many times as he or she wishes.  The age categories will be both Boys and Girls 16U.

This is a chance for young basketball enthusiasts to exhibit their skill.

Participants must be ready to compete between the scheduled time-frame.

In the meantime, check out the diagram below to get great the advantage on how to put together a memorable performance at the Glover “Action” Jackson Skills competition to achieve the best time and results to win great prizes! 3 x Wilson Evolution basketballs ($60 value each)


The participant must complete the circuit twice. The image is a half court representation.  The gauntlet will be the full court experience. Be prepared to run!!!


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