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All unsigned seniors both boys and girls exposure event

Winnipeg, Manitoba (August 1, 2021) – CREAM OF THE CROP, a leading provider of AMATEUR ATHLETE
EXPOSURE EVENTS, today announced that they are hosting an event located at 661 Dakota St, Winnipeg,
MB R2M 3K3 to better meet the needs of all the unsigned seniors athletes that did not have the
opportunity to play basketball this year because of COVID-19. The event will start on Sunday August
1st at 11am to 7pm and on Monday if needed 12pm to 3pm.

This event will allow the top unsigned seniors & prep basketball players in Manitoba, both boys and
girls to showcase their basketball skills. Athletes are asked to fill out a profile and info forms,
then upload on the Coast To Coast Sports website. Each athlete must demonstrate skills and talent
in shooting, ball handling, knowledge of the game, decision making, as well as skills, and physical
training footage. The information and footage will get evaluated and RANKED based on talent level.
CREAM OF THE CROP’s unsigned senior basketball event is an important step towards athletes
realizing their recruiting goals of playing basketball at a North American College or University.
Due to COVID-19 high school sports was cancelled, leaving athletes with little or no options to
pursue their basketball career. Faced with the challenges that COVID presented, CREAM OF THE CROP
decided to create an event that would help these athletes by providing an opportunity to showcase


The event is expected to generate a lot of interest for athletes looking to play at the next level.
It will primarily reach the majority of Colleges and Universities throughout North America. Coast
To Coast Sports will be recording and post streaming the event.

The CANADIAN BASKETBALL COMMUNITY has recently undergone a huge growth in popularity due to
Canada’s team, The Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championship. CREAM OF THE CROP has been
involved in the Western Canadian Basketball Community since September of 2016. Currently there are
21 Canadian players in the NBA and 160 players in the NCAA. With 90% representation in eastern
Canada and 5% representing BC and another 5% from the rest of Canada.
Over 50 Canadians played in the 2021 NCAA March Madness Tournament, 27 women and 26 men.


Founded in September 2016, CREAM OF THE CROP quickly became the premier athlete testing and
evaluation service in Western Canada. To date the CREAM OF THE CROP has evaluated over 400
athletes. The company’s mission is to have a much stronger representation from Western Canada when
it comes to getting players into Colleges and Universities. CREAM OF THE CROP believes that Western
Canada has some of the most talented basketball players; we just need to spend the time to find and
develop them. Western Canada has a population of about 11 million people, with a youth population
of 1,432,000 within the age range of 10 to 19 years. For more information about CREAM OF THE CROP,

visit its website at: https://www.CoastToCoastSports.Net

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