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Manitoba Drive Basketball Club

Manitoba Drive Basketball Club is a registered non profit sport organization that focuses on the development and growth of amateur athletes that wish to continue to play the sport of basketball & other sports beyond.

For many teens once they graduate from high school in Manitoba, if they were not picked up by a college or university their careers are unfortunately ended.

We hope to work with the governing bodies of the sport to develop a fall / winter league that will develop players during the summer for an exposure camp and later to be drafted to a team to play in the upcoming 2015/2016 season.

Our program has over 40 sponsors and growing daily!

This opportunity will be extended to approximately 80-100 participants in the province of Manitoba.

Simply have the players that this will be of interests to graduating from high school programs contact me direct to register for this summers exposure camp.

(204) 298-8098 or

Yours truly,

Kevin Robinson

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