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Football Combine

Due to COVID-19 we simply request you make a donation through this site and the usual $150 registration fee will be waived.
A minimum $2.00 donation is appreciated – more is always welcome!

You MUST fill out the form to complete your registration. You will be prompted to fill it out after the checkout process.


Guidelines To Get You Off The Sidelines… FOOTBALL

Coast To Coast Sports is currently seeking high school student athletes that are deprived of their Sr. year due to Covid-19.

The company is deploying affiliate(s) respected in the Football industry.

4 Down Football virtually hosted by Charles Pharms lll from Miami University.
The American Athlete, no one trick pony! In addition to his early success he is familiar with the Canadian game of football as a former Argo. He was born to be…

In Manitoba due to the pandemic to preserve rights we have come up with a platform through skill combine(s)
Moneyball if you will… are you Cream Of The Crop?… Get Ranked!

For many teens once they graduate from high school, if they were not picked up by a College or University unfortunately their careers have ended.

There will be no professionals if we do not continue to embellish this platform;
While respecting existing health orders this will restore;

  • Competition
  • Allow Platform to Showcase ability
  • Allow Ranking for graduate year

This event will be an open call to;
Last year graduates that are 1st year University this year in addition…
to this year’s graduates in June 2021.

Application is open to both Male(s) & Female(s)

When restrictions lift we will host a Freshman Sophomore game(s) to showcase talent.

Thank You Councillor Chambers for your support as Coast to Coast Sports prepares St. Norbert Arena for the event.

When existing health restrictions are lifted C2C Sports will host a Freshman Sophomore game(s) to showcase talent in each respected City. 

Formerly known as WinnipegSuperSports.Net aids to continue growth of amateur sport in Manitoba and beyond …CoastToCoastSports.Net

Will air these events on its website and through its media affiliates.

iPay-per-view (iPPV) is a type of pay service by which a web subscriber can purchase events to view via private webcast. The broadcaster shows the event which allows viewers to see recorded broadcasts at any time). Events can be purchased through the site. Events often include feature interviews, sporting events, and other entertainment programs. With the rise of the Internet, the term Internet pay-per-view (iPPV) has been used to describe pay-per-view services accessed online.

DVD copies can also be made by request.


Registration Fee & Deadline

  • Typically there is a one time Membership fee $150 fee per registrant…. The AGENT FEE…….. PLUS INSURANCE FEE!
  • Due to COVID-19 we simply request you make a donation through this site and fee will be waived.
  • All cheques can be made payable to Manitoba Drive Inc.
  • Once a player has completed skills there are no more fees to be paid.
  • Select participants will be broadcast nationally.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in your information.

Once registration and payment is received player information will be sent!

Manitoba Drive is also interested in virtual acts for entertainment, coaches, business owners for potential franchisee & sponsorship opportunities.

See CoastToCoastSports.Net for updates!!!